'Personnel is policy': Progressive group gives Biden transition team 400 names to consider for administration

‘Personnel is policy’: Progressive group gives Biden transition team 400 names to consider for administration

A group aligned with Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Calif., handed over a list of 400 names that they recommend could fill positions in the incoming Biden-Harris administration beyond his cabinet on Friday. The Progressive Change Campaign Committee says a broader focus on administration positions is a part of their strategy to hold President-elect Joe Biden accountable to follow through on what he promised during the campaign. “I think some people want to position progressives as, you know, pushing, pushing Biden to do something other than what he campaigned on,” the group’s co-founder Adam Green told Fox News. “Which is not what we’re doing. He campaigned on trillions of dollars in clean energy jobs – we would be thrilled if he got that implemented.”REP CEDRIC RICHMOND TO SERVE IN BIDEN ADMINISTRATION, RESIGN FROM CONGRESSFlooding the administration with progressive personnel is similar to a progressive insurance policy – to make sure the agenda Biden promised – doesn’t get stalled. The 400 name database of progressive contacts isn’t focused on specific roles but instead is targeting agencies who’s power and influence over policy is often overlooked like the Office of Management and Budget or the Patent and Trademark Office — taking a cue from the phrase Warren popularizedCLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP“Personnel is policy,” Green said. “We want people in the government who will be faithful implementers of the ambitious ideas he campaigned on – not under-miners from within. And we think corporate Democrats are the ones most likely to be…slow walking his agenda from within if they get appointed.”As the Biden-Harris administration navigates how to satisfy both moderates and progressives in their party – Green says they need to remember the platform they promised, “we are very committed to positioning progressives squarely on the side of Democratic unity…and positioning corporate Democrats as the ones who would breach unity by being under-miners from within.”

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