Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer says public should not be concerned about risk

Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer says public should not be concerned about risk

A Moderna coronavirus vaccine trial volunteer from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill shared the side effects he experienced with “Fox & Friends” Tuesday after the company revealed that its vaccine is nearly 95% effective against COVID-19.Moderna’s breakthrough results, with 30,000 people participating in the late-stage trial, come after Pfizer released promising trial results showing 90% effectiveness.The 94.5% effectiveness puts it “up there with some of the vaccines that we’re all accustomed to taking like mumps, measles and the vaccines that help eradicate serious diseases that are no longer commonplace,” Jack Morningstar told co-host Steve Doocy.DOLLY PARTON FANS JOKINGLY THANK HER FOR CURING THE CORONAVIRUS AFTER HER DONATION LED TO MODERNA’S VACCINEThe UNC junior detailed the side effects he experienced, saying he thinks he didn’t take the placebo. “After the first vaccine, I had a little bit of fatigue and some arm pain that lingered for a couple of days,” he said. “Nothing too intense but something similar to like a tetanus shot, where you just sort of feel like you got punched in the arm when you wake up.”  He said it was about the same for the booster, “with a little bit of a fever the next day.”OPERATION WARP SPEED SCIENTIFIC CHIEF HAILS ‘EXHILARATING’ NEWS OF MODERNA COVID-19 VACCINE”That was telling to me that it was the real deal,” Morningstar said.The college student urged anyone nervous that corners were getting cut with the historic results not to worry.”Normally these clinical trials take so much money and so many resources to just get off their feet, but since the whole world and all of its operations basically came to a screeching halt with this pandemic, this has been the number-one priority for health institutions worldwide, so I would say that shouldn’t be a concern,” he said.CLICK HERE FOR COMPLETE CORONAVIRUS COVERAGE”It does definitely come at some comfort knowing that the vaccine is that effective and I likely do have antibodies, but I think ultimately I’m not going to be 100% comfortable until the majority of the population has access to it and we can develop … immunity.”

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