Jane Seymour talks financial and personal struggles on 'Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman' in the early days

Jane Seymour talks financial and personal struggles on ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman’ in the early days

Jane Seymour spoke candidly about the financial and emotional crisis she was in during the early days of her hit show, “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.” The actress starred as the title character on the CBS series for six seasons. It followed the adventures of a physician from Boston who sets out for adventure in the American west, ultimately settling in Colorado Springs. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Seymour explained that she initially took the role out of desperation after a past relationship left her in crushing debt. JANE SEYMOUR, 69, POSES IN SPORTS BRA TO ENCOURAGE HER FANS TO SHARE POSITIVITY AND ENCOURAGEMENT“The first thing I remember is that my ex-husband at that time had lost all our money, left me nine million in the red with lawsuits from every major bank,” she told the outlet. “I was homeless, penniless and I called my agent and said I would do anything. He called the networks, and they said, how about a little movie of the week? But she has to sign for five years in case it becomes a series, she has to start tomorrow morning — less than 12 hours from now — and that was it.”
Jane Seymour explained how an off-screen romance affected her on-screen character.
(REUTERS/Monica Almeida)The actress, now 69, said that the paycheck she received from the show helped her get back on her feet financially, and having a regular job helped her be a mother to her kids while putting a roof over their heads. However, with her professional problems solved, personal ones crept up. JANE SEYMOUR TURNS 69 — THE ‘DR. QUINN’ STAR REVEALS HER SECRETS TO AGING GRACEFULLY: ‘NOBODY BELIEVES IT’The actress attributes the success of the show to her co-star, Joe Lando, who she noted was likely a big draw for women who tuned into the show. However, an off-screen relationship between the on-screen couple complicated things behind-the-scenes. “Never fall in love with your leading man in the pilot and then break up before they pick it up,” she explained. “We fell madly in love, ran off to Bora Bora, he realized that everyone recognized me even in the middle of nowhere and that wasn’t going to work. So, that was it. And then they picked up our show. So, all that sexual tension you saw, it was real!”
Jane Seymour talked about the early days of ‘Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.’
(Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for IMDb)CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP FOR OUR ENTERTAINMENT NEWSLETTERShe told the outlet that things got extra complicated when she married regular series director James Keach.“He had to direct Joe and I making out,” she noted.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APPFortunately, she says she and Lando are now close friends.

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