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Continue To Pray, I Dreamt Trump Was Beaten Up – Stella Immanuel Claims

Stella Immanuel, a Nigerian-born doctor in the United States, has urged Republicans and supporters of US President Donald Trump not to give up but to continue praying.

In a video posted on Twitter on Saturday, Stella Immanuel charged Trump supporters not to give up, adding that the US president would bounce back.

She said: “I know that a lot of people that have been fighting for the Republic are kind of discouraged right now because of the noise we are hearing in the media and otherwise.

“Listen, just tune out the noise. Continue to pray, continue to stand. We are not giving up on our Republic. We gonna continue to fight and we gonna continue to believe God.

“I’m a prophet of God and the Lord told me in June when all this chaos was happening. I said that Lord, are we done? Is it about to be over?

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