Karl Rove: Promised Biden 'transition' from oil, fossil fuels would be death blow to Texas economy

Karl Rove: Promised Biden ‘transition’ from oil, fossil fuels would be death blow to Texas economy

Joe Biden’s promise to “transition” from the oil industry and fossil fuel exploration will kill the economy in Texas and other states while increasing energy costs and causing massive job losses, Fox News contributor Karl Rove told “The Ingraham Angle” Wednesday.”Houston’s economy is driven by the fact that all of the exploration in the Gulf of Mexico is directed, funded, staffed and executed out of the city of Houston,” Rove told host Laura Ingraham. “You take that business and the Houston economy will get hit hard,” he said,Rove added that “downstream” businesses, such as refineries, would have to shut down under a Biden presidency.The former George W. Bush adviser also noted that while Democrats claim to be champions of public schools, the Texas oil industry is the second-largest source of tax revenue that benefits the state university system.BUTTIGIEG CLAIMS DEMOCRATS ‘WOULD HAVE CHOSEN SOMEBODY ELSE’ IF THEY WANTED FRACKING BANOther key states that account for a hefty proportion of the nation’s fuel production include North Dakota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio.Rove then turned to Biden’s promise to get the nation to “zero” carbon emissions by 2035, which he said would destroy the livelihoods of many Americans.CLICK HERE TO GET THE FOX NEWS APP”By 2035, he wants to end the 70% of electricity generation from fossil fuels, virtually all of it from natural gas, though some is from coal and a small amount of oil — 70% of electricity, he wants it gone,” Rove said. The former deputy White House chief of staff then predicted that Biden would demand Americans use only electric cars, not realizing the increased demand for electricity combined with the reduced ability to produce it would cause a catastrophe.

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