Biden campaign says they are not ahead by double-digit lead

Biden campaign says they are not ahead by double-digit lead

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s campaign manager warned against trusting inflated national polling numbers released this week, which showed Biden in a double-digit lead over incumbent candidate President Trump.”Please take the fact that we are not ahead by double digits,” Jen O’Malley said Friday, according to a New York Times reporter. “Those are inflated national public polling numbers.”ABC SILENT AFTER BIDEN TOWN HALL ATTENDEES IDENTIFIED AS EX-OBAMA SPEECHWRITER, WIFE OF PROMINENT DEMOCRATPolls released this week by NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist and NBC News/Wall Street Journal show Biden ahead of Trump in national polls by 11 percent.Although Real Clear Politics, which compares several polls and combines the average has Biden in a lead ahead of Trump by 8.9 percent in national polls.Though national polls are less important than key state polls, and Biden will need to secure a number of swing states.Trump lost the popular vote in 2016, winning just 46 percent of voters – but by winning key states in the Electoral College he was able to secure the presidency.
COLORADO SEES RECORD BREAKING VOTER TURNOUT, 24 TIMES THE RATE OF 2016The Biden-Harris ticket is anticipated to win in several battleground states such as Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, New Hampshire and Virginia, and it is making headway according to Real Clear Politics polls in Arizona, Michigan and Pennsylvania. But the race is tight in several key states.O’Malley reportedly said she thinks the Biden-Harris ticket has secured Arizona, a state that has voted red in every presidential race since 1996.”I know we’re going to win Arizona,” O’Malley reportedly said Friday.Real Clear Politics has Biden slated to be polling ahead of Trump in Arizona by four points, but Arizona only has 11 electoral votes, the tighter races in Florida, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina and Pennsylvania will be critical in securing the presidency – all of which Trump won in 2016.CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPBiden is leading in Florida, which has 29 electoral votes, according to Real Clear Politics polls, by a slim 1.4 percent and just 2.7 percent in North Carolina. Pennsylvania and Michigan have slightly stronger Real Clear Politics polling numbers, with Biden leading by 5.6 percent in the Keystone state and 7.2 percent in Michigan.Trump, who trailed in the polls during the 2016 election, is certainly within striking distance for re-election, which O’Malley is likely trying to instill in voters throughout the nation.The Biden campaign could not be reached for comment by Fox News.

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