Cory Booker challenger Rik Mehta says senator reneged on promise to debate

Cory Booker challenger Rik Mehta says senator reneged on promise to debate

Republican Dr. Rik Mehta, who is challenging Sen. Cory Booker for his seat in New Jersey, said the incumbent is reneging on a promise to debate.  Last month, Booker appeared on News 12 New Jersey and was asked if he planned to debate Mehta.  “You know, I’ve only been a senator for about six years… I had to win a special election and then I had to run again in 2014 for this full term, so this will be my third election, every election, of course, I have debated my opponent,” Booker said. “I just believe a debate is a good opportunity for me to share the work I have done… you can be darn well sure I want to debate and have a forum to let folks know about my long list of accomplishments.”  SEN. CORY BOOKER’S GOP CHALLENGER DR. RIK MEHTA SAYS ‘HARD WORK, HUMBLE BEGINNINGS’ SEPARATE HIM FROM FOE The local news anchor then confirmed, “So that’s a yes. Sen. Cory Booker and Rik Mehta will debate at some point.”  However, Mehta told Fox News that Booker hasn’t exactly fulfilled his promise.  “It’s been more than a month since Cory Booker publicly agreed to debate me but has not returned one phone call to get it scheduled,” Mehta said.  CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP“It’s not surprising for someone who missed the most number of votes in Washington to not follow through on his commitments. What is surprising is that Cory was the one complaining about a lack of diversity on the debate stage, and now refuses to allow what would be the first debate for a statewide race between two non-white candidates in the history of New Jersey,” Mehta added. “Cory wants nothing more than to sweep his record of failure under the rug without answering for his subpar record.” A spokesperson for Booker did not immediately respond to a request for comment.  

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