Coronavirus complication prompts heart transplant in previously healthy teen, doctor says

Coronavirus complication prompts heart transplant in previously healthy teen, doctor says

One doctor recently worked to dispel the idea that COVID-19 illness does not affect children, as he described a severe case involving a heart transplant.Though COVID-19 infections tend to run a milder course in younger populations, complications do happen, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has previously said.“Sadly we have had a few dozen cases of COVID-19 that have required hospitalization of children here locally,” Dr. Kenny Bramwell, ER physician and medical director for St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital in Idaho, said during a media briefing Tuesday.Bramwell said a few cases were “in the most severe category,” and involved a serious coronavirus-related inflammatory condition called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children, or MIS-C. This condition usually involves shock, heart malfunction, stomach pain and hyperinflammation. Earlier this month, the CDC also reported a similar condition among adults – multisystem inflammatory syndrome in adults (MIS-A).CORONAVIRUS-LINKED INFLAMMATORY CONDITION HOSPITALIZES 2 CHILDREN IN IDAHOBramwell described a severe case involving a previously healthy teenager whose condition worsened, and was then transported to another city to await a heart transplant. He did not share further details.DOCTORS BEWARE: SOME YOUNG CORONAVIRUS PATIENTS SEEM WELL, THEN RAPIDLY DETERIORATE, NEW YORK HOSPITAL WARNS“While COVID-19 is commonly inconsequential for many people, there are a subset of people who become exceptionally sick,” Bramwell said. “Sometimes it’s sick enough to require a heart transplant and sometimes a chronic problem where somebody has difficulty breathing or moving around their home or doing their normal activities for months.”He reported of many patients experiencing long-haul symptoms that are difficult to navigate.CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APP

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