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Meghan Markle faced ‘disgusting’ threats in the UK, former counterterrorism head says: ‘Very real’

Meghan Markle faced "very real" threats during her time living in the U.K. with her husband Prince Harry.On Tuesday, the former head of counterterrorism...


Researchers Search for Hidden Graves at Native American Boarding Schools

The bodies of more than 80 Native American children are buried at the former Genoa Indian Industrial School in central Nebraska.But for...

As Head Start Quality Push Continues, Advocates Raise Red Flag on Equity

Inadequate funding forces Head Start providers to choose between improving the quality of their programs and enrolling a greater number of children...

Principals, Make Room for Teacher Collaboration (Opinion)

Something that brings me great joy as a principal is being in classrooms to watch teaching and learning in action. There is...

It’s a Nasty Cold and Flu Season, But Some Educators Are Reluctant to Take Sick Days

It’s shaping up to be a bad cold and flu season this year, but many teachers and, especially, principals are hesitant to...

‘Gaslighting’ Is the Word of the Year. Did It Haunt Schools, Too?

Teachers, the 2022 word of the year may make you cringe.The winner, announced Nov. 28 by dictionary publisher Merriam-Webster, is gaslighting.It’s defined...


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