Monday, October 3, 2022






Hurricane Ian causing ‘emotional trauma’ on top of physical devastation, says doctor

While hurricanes are known for causing swift and often devastating physical destruction, they can also cause equally serious emotional damage, said Dr. Janette Nesheiwat...

‘Saturday Night Live’ Season 48 to premiere after biggest cast overhaul ever

As "Saturday Night Live" cast members prepare for Season 48, viewers will see multiple new faces on stage tonight after the largest cast overhaul...


Virginia Governor Seeks to Roll Back Accommodations for Transgender Students

Republican Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s administration has rewritten Virginia’s model policies for the treatment of transgender students, issuing guidance for school divisions that...

No Suspension for Teacher Who Refused to Censor Student News

Los Angeles school officials have rescinded their suspension of a high school journalism advisor who had refused to censor a student’s news...

Who’s Behind the Escalating Push to Ban Books? A New Report Has Answers

As book bans in schools across the country escalate, a handful of right-wing activist organizations and Republican lawmakers are behind them, putting...

Many Adults Did Not Learn Media Literacy Skills in High School. What Schools Can Do Now

Children and adults alike get bombarded with questionable information every day, whether it’s fake TikTok videos on the war in Ukraine, targeted...

Why Teachers Are Going on Strike This Fall—and What Could Come Next

In a few places, the start of the school year has already been disrupted—not by virus outbreaks, but by teacher strikes. Teachers...


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